Saturday, September 22, 2012

Estonian Air announced Embraer 190 flights

One of the airlines Embraer 170 in Trondheim

The Estonian flag-carrier Estonian Air has announced, that it will use the Embraer 190 on flights to Paris CDG, Stockholm Arlanda and London City. The routes to Paris CDG and Stockholm ARN are already served by Estonian Air, the Embraer 190 will replace other airplanes on several frequencies. London City is an new destination for the loss-making airline. Until now the government-owned carrier operates seasonal flights to Gatwick. Estonian Air will inaugurate the route on 1 March 2013 with three weekly services, which will be increased to six weekly frequencies from 1 June 2013. The first Embraer 190 is scheduled to be delivered in early 2013 and is expected to be in service from 1st February.

Estonian Air is currently undergoing an fast expansion and is renewing the aging fleet. In the recent years the airline used Boeing 737-300/500 aircraft on its international routes. In 2011 the airline took over new CRJ900, but only a few weeks the airline changed it´s fleet strategy and leased four Embraer 170 from Finnair and ordered three Embraer 175 and five Embraer 190s. The Embraer 190 and 175 will replace the Boeing and Bombardier aircraft soon. On regional routes the airline is operating leased Saab 340. The airline has been losing money since 2005, but they expect to made profit soon.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Arik Air has cancelled all domestic flights until further

Only a week after Air Nigeria has suspended all flights, Arik Air have been forced to suspend it´s domestic flight network. On Thursday, the buildings of the airline has been raid. Just after this had taken place, the airline suspended it domestic operations in Nigeria. Who organized the raid is not clear, according to Arik Air, the government and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria raided the company, but according to the airport authority, unions are behind the razzia. Why Arik Air then suspended the flights, is not official to, but due to rumours, the company has huge financial problems, large debts and unpaid bills and salaries. Arik Air is the biggest airline in Western Africa and operated an big domestic and international. The future of the airline, that commenced operations in 2006, is vague. It is possible that the airline can´t survive the next weeks or months.

The Nigerian aviation industry is in huge problems. An bad financial position of the country, escalating corruption, political problems and an beginning civil war. Not only the airlines has problems, the whole country is standing on the edge of an abyss.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Myanma Airways orders two new Embraer 190

The state-owned Myanmar domestic carrier Myanma Airways has ordered two new Embraer 190. The first is scheduled to be delivered in November. The planes shall replace the three Fokker F-28 in the fleet. The Fokker air planes are around 30 years old. The airline also eyed the CRJ900, but decided to order the E-190 in the end.

The fleet of Myanma consists of some ATR-42/72, two Beechcraft 1900, Xian MA-60 and Fokker F-28. Additional to the Embraer Jets, the airline has two COMAC ARJ21-700 on order.

RayaJet takes delivery of first A320

The Jordan charter carrier is currently taking over an first Airbus A320. The former Spanair-A320 has been prepared in Shannon and is now on delivery. The plane made it´s first flight in May 2011 and was delivered to Spanair in June 2001. After the collapse of the carrier the plane was given back to ILFC, who stored it on Shannon Airport.

RayaJet is an Jordan charter airline. It was launched in 2005 and operated an business Challenger 601. However, the Amman-based carrier has not released, what it will use the new plane for. On the website, the plane is not named at all. It is to expect, that RayaJet will use it for charter flights.

Picture EI-EUS

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Air Nigeria ceases operations

The struggling airline Air Nigeria will suspend all operations on September 10, as the management announced on September 5. The airline has huge financial troubles and problems with disloyal staff. Due to the financial situation on aviation market, the investors will not invest longer in the ailing carrier. In the recent months Air Nigeria has been really troubled: In June the aviation authority decided to withdrawn the licence for national and regional flights. In July IATA suspended the carrier from it´s clearing system.

Air Nigeria will lay off around 950 of it´s 1000 staff. The 50 remaining staff keep in the company and shall help in the next year, when Air Nigeria plans to resume operations. The remaining tickets of the costumers will be refunded.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

easyJet introduces allocated seats on all flights as of November

The low-cost carrier easyJet will introduce allocated seats for passengers on all it´s flights from November 2012. The airline has tested allocated seats on a number of flights since April. Until now, easyJet passengers can chose one free seat, when they are boarding the aircraft. This has the plus, that the boarding process is going faster.

The reason for the decision is, that easyJet gives their passengers the possibility too chose on seat when booking. For a normal seat passengers pay just four euros extra, but for a seat in the front rows (row 2-5 in A319, respectively row 2-6 in A320) easyJet will charge 10 euros. For the seats in the rows, where the emergency exits is located and in the front row (row 1) with an larger legroom the airline bill 15 euros. This flush further money into easyJets coffers.

Another brownie point is, that easyJet gets more popular at it´s costumers: 70 percent of the passengers in the testing phase said, that they preferred allocated seats.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

germanwings moves Berlin flights from Schönefeld to Tegel as of winter

The German low-cost carrier and Lufthansa Subsidiary germanwings will move all Berlin flights from Schönefeld Airport SXF to Tegel Airport TXL as of October 28, when the winter schedule start. Germanwings has currently based two Airbus A319 in Berlin and is operating flights from here to Cologne, Heraklion, Maastrich-Aachen, Munich, Prishtina, Pula, Rijeka and Stuttgart. In the past, germanwings has offered more flights, but when Lufthansa started a lot of floghts from Berlin for lower fares, than usual, germanwings cutted down the network from Berlin. Lufthansa is going cheaper, while germanwings increase it´s service level, so the difference between the airlines gets smaller and smaller. In 2013 Lufthansa will decide, if it will drop the germanwings brand.

The reason for the change of airport was, that Lufthansa want´s to concentrate i´ts Berlin business on one airport, until the new Berlin Airport will open (It had should be opened in July, but due to several problems the opening were delayed just a few weeks, before it should open. It will not open before October 2013, but it is to expects, that it will last longer.) . Lufthansa and germanwings are interlining partners.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Italian broker ESAFLY plans to commence scheduled services from Taranto

The Italian broker ESAFLY has announced, that it plans to commence scheduled services from Taranto Airport, that currently is not served by passenger airlines. Until now, no information about routes and aircraft is given, but it is to espect, that ESAFLY will use wet-leased aircraft.

The Taranto Airport is currently not served by scheduled flights, but has been served by Alitalia in the past. Today the airport is used by Alenia and general aviation.