Thursday, November 29, 2012

Air Sweden is planning scheduled flights

The Swedish airline Air Sweden is now planning scheduled flights. As destinations the airline has announced  London, Frankfurt, and Paris as international and Arvidsjaur, Gällivare and Hemavan as domestic destinations out of the airlines hub in Umeå. Transfer is made through Umeå.

Air Sweden was founded in 2009 as successor of the failed airline Nordic Airways and commenced charter operations with an single MD-81 in early 2010. In the same year the airline added two Airbus A320 and one MD-83 to it´s fleet. In April 2011 the Swedish authorities withdrawn the AOC of the airline due to financial problems. In May, the licence was regained and the airline commenced limited operations, but due to a lack of money, the airline suspended operations again in September 2011, in early 2012 the airline lost its AOC again due to financial difficulties. The airline has now not been operative for one year, the Airbus are reterned to their lessors and the MD-80 aicraft have been sold.
But with a new investor, the airline now want´s to resume flights. In August 2012 the airline surprisingly announced to resume operations and therefore to lease two Airbus A320 from early 2013. In the same month it announced, that it will base both Airbus A320 in Crete in summer 2013. Just some weeks later, the Air Sweden released, that it plans to lease or buy Embraer E-Jets and furthermore purposes building an office in Umeå  Northern Sweden. The airline, that officially now is named Nordic Air Sweden stated, that it now have returned to the place, Umeå, where the successor Nordic Airlink started operations in 2001.

Now Air Sweden has announced to commence operations on the six routes named in the upper part of this article. In London the airline wants to fly to Stansted, in Paris CDG has been chosen.  The flights are scheduled to start already from February 2013 with two Embraer 195 with 120 seats. But neither a schedule nor a booking system has been released or invented yet. Air Sweden want´s to operate as an full-service carrier with free meals and baggage. The planes will wear the same livery as the planes of the old Air Sweden.
Air Sweden still has plans for two Cretan-based Airbus A320 in summer 2013.

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