Wednesday, September 5, 2012

easyJet introduces allocated seats on all flights as of November

The low-cost carrier easyJet will introduce allocated seats for passengers on all it´s flights from November 2012. The airline has tested allocated seats on a number of flights since April. Until now, easyJet passengers can chose one free seat, when they are boarding the aircraft. This has the plus, that the boarding process is going faster.

The reason for the decision is, that easyJet gives their passengers the possibility too chose on seat when booking. For a normal seat passengers pay just four euros extra, but for a seat in the front rows (row 2-5 in A319, respectively row 2-6 in A320) easyJet will charge 10 euros. For the seats in the rows, where the emergency exits is located and in the front row (row 1) with an larger legroom the airline bill 15 euros. This flush further money into easyJets coffers.

Another brownie point is, that easyJet gets more popular at it´s costumers: 70 percent of the passengers in the testing phase said, that they preferred allocated seats.

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