Friday, September 21, 2012

Arik Air has cancelled all domestic flights until further

Only a week after Air Nigeria has suspended all flights, Arik Air have been forced to suspend it´s domestic flight network. On Thursday, the buildings of the airline has been raid. Just after this had taken place, the airline suspended it domestic operations in Nigeria. Who organized the raid is not clear, according to Arik Air, the government and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria raided the company, but according to the airport authority, unions are behind the razzia. Why Arik Air then suspended the flights, is not official to, but due to rumours, the company has huge financial problems, large debts and unpaid bills and salaries. Arik Air is the biggest airline in Western Africa and operated an big domestic and international. The future of the airline, that commenced operations in 2006, is vague. It is possible that the airline can´t survive the next weeks or months.

The Nigerian aviation industry is in huge problems. An bad financial position of the country, escalating corruption, political problems and an beginning civil war. Not only the airlines has problems, the whole country is standing on the edge of an abyss.

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